Silver Lake, Los Angeles

1529 Griffith Park

Overlooking the popular Polka Dot Plaza, 1529 Griffith Park offers prime restaurant and retail spaces in the heart of Silver Lake. Undertaking an extensive renovation, RYDA sought to breath new life into a site that had remained underutilized in recent history, thus inviting the public to enjoy more space in an increasingly pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

1925 Original Build

3,980 SF

Abramson Architects

Los Angeles Real Estate_RYDA

Originally built in 1925, the property at 1529 Griffith Park had operated as a gas station, auto parts shop, and repair facility for much of the past century. In recent years, the site had stagnated as the neighborhood blossomed around it. Aiming to re-activate the site for community enjoyment while acknowledging its history, RYDA installed large, steel windows on the restaurant façade, echoing the building’s industrial past.

Taking cues from the surrounding neighborhood’s friendly character and high volume of foot traffic, RYDA emphasized openness, natural light, and seamless pedestrian integration in the development process. The resulting property features modern floor-to-ceiling windows, a minimalist palette, and a low-slung, approachable frame scaled to its surroundings. RYDA designed a cozy, atrium-style patio for the restaurant space, integrating vibrant greenery and blurring the line between public and private.

The Neighborhood

Silver Lake’s Polka Dot Plaza, demarcated in 2012, is a pedestrian zone occupying the triangle enclosed by Sunset Boulevard, Griffith Park Boulevard, and Edgecliffe Drive. Home to the twice-weekly Silver Lake Farmers Market, Polka Dot Plaza offers moveable furniture and greenery for locals’ enjoyment. The surrounding Silver Lake neighborhood is beloved for its acclaimed restaurants, unique shopping, and high walkability score.

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